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The war of price cannot last forever, fighting for quality can and will. That's why we are not trying to beat each of our competitors with lower price and poor quality instead of this we are always trying to give good quality embroidery digitizing and vector art services with reasonable price. We always focus on providing top quality digitizing and gave a difficult task to our competitors to chase our higher standard and obviously it is much harder thing to do. If good quality is also your top priority, you must try our services and you will not be disappointed.

Regular Prices for Embroidery Digitizing:

Left Chest & Cap =$20
Mid Size Design above 5 to 8 inches =$40
Jacket Back =$80

Regular Prices For Vector Art:

$10 to $60 depending on the complexity of design.

Special discounts are available for volume orders – Please contact us for more details.

Free Price Estimates:

Please send us your design beforehand to get a free price quote along with a digital picture of what your embroidered design and vector art would look like.

Multiple size embroidery design:

We typically price the design based on the largest size. Smaller ones carry an extra charge of $10. Often for minor size differences, we will not charge you. Also, we give special discounts for names. If you have a certain target price for any design/logo, let us know and we’ll attempt to match it.

Vector Art:

We are offering you the vector art services with reasonable prices and unconquerable quality vector art. We don’t charge anything for the edits in the design normally our turnaround is 24 hours to convert the image into a screen printing file. If it’s super-urgent, so let us know we will do our best.

We also have some other Options:
If we feel that:

  • Your logo may not sew out too well - we sometimes draw out some options for you to pick before digitizing:

  • You’d prefer to pick from two different looks (both which look good to us)

  • We are confused / unclear about your requirements.

Please remember: there is never a charge for provision of other options!

Our Turnaround Time:

Our base price includes an 8 to Next morning turnaround time. If your order is extremely urgent, we would be glad to offer a 3-4 hour turnaround without any additional charges, just tell us it’s super urgent, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. .


You guys are great!, I really like your
services and quality with great easy supports.

Thanks for all your help. I will use your services in future again!

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Digitizing Work

  • aqua-vita
  • arms2
  • australian-national-cats-logo
  • blue-devils-team
  • califorina
  • dragon
  • fedex
  • G-J
  • new-yorkSo
  • salle
  • white-mountain
  • Shair

Vector Work

  • fedex
  • G-J
  • new-york
  • salle
  • white-mountain
  • Shair
  • Shair
  • Shair
  • Shair
  • Shair

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